Konik Premium Gold Halogen Fog Lights

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Konik Premium Gold Halogen Fog Lights 2500K Ultra-Yellow light with maximum output for all weather conditions.  These are the best fog light application for poor weather conditions - strong penetration for extensive use in rain, mist & snow.

Greatly enhances your driving security.  An absolute must for drivers who spend a lot of time driving at night on poorly lit country roads or where the weather is very unpredictable.

Available in H8 and H11 to fit many fog light applications.


  • 2 x 2500k Konik Premium Gold Halogen Light Bulbs
  • Input voltage: 12V
  • Fitments available:  H8 or H11
  • Maximum Output for all Weather Conditions
  • Long lifetime, Low Power Consumption
  • 100% Street Legal
  • Easy Installation - simple swap of existing bulbs
  • 6 Month Warranty
  • NOTE: Not suitable as Daytime Running Lights



    When installing any Halogen globes, please ensure you do not touch the glass globe as oil residue from fingers can heat up during operation and rupture the bulb.

    Please double check your User Manual or existing bulb to ensure size before ordering.  Please also check that the dimensions of the above bulbs fit behind your reflector housing.  Refunds cannot be given if bulb size is incorrect for your vehicle. 

    We generally stock only H8 and H11 in New Zealand.  Stock arrives on two-weekly shipping cycle, so if your choice is not available at time of placing your order you will be allocated stock from next shipment.  We will keep you fully updated of stock availability and arrivals by email.

    If you are unsure of Bulb Size, please email us sales@stang.nz and we will be happy to assist.