Ranger PX2 2015-18 XL LED Low-Beam Upgrade

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Our newly released Low-Beam LED conversion kit has been especially designed to improve the factory lighting on your 2015+ PX2 XL or XLS Ford Ranger with factory reflector style headlights.

The main area of complaint with Ranger PX2 headlights are the low-beam, and this upgrade will dramatically increase the light on the road compared with your factory halogen globes.  The bulbs also feature Safe beam design for maximum visibility without glaring other road users. 

These Konik H7 LED bulbs are up to 200% brighter than your standard halogen bulbs and are backed with a 1-year warranty.  The fitting of these Konik LED's is simple and does not require wiring, cutting or modification.  The whole system is designed for easy connection to the vehicles original wiring.



  • 1 x Pair Konik H7 Compact LED Bulbs & Drivers for Low-Beam
  • Suitable for Ranger PX2 XL or XLS models (with reflector style low-beam)
  • Super White 6000k Colour Temperature
  • Compact design, 2000 Lumens per bulb
  • Up to 200% more brightness than standard factory bulbs
  • Konik Brand- world leading reliability
  • CANbus ready & error code free
  • 1-year Manufacturer Warranty for standard driving conditions
  • Direct Replacement, no need for wiring or modification 
  • LED's feature bulbs and module drivers ready to plug into factory socket 



  • Bulbs are remove and replace.  No wiring, cutting or modification is required.
  • Bulbs feature foldable heat braids which should be tucked into the shroud recess.
  • Please also remember to adjust your Headlights and Fog Lights to get maximum penetration - your Owner's Manual will advise how to adjust from inside the cabin.


  • Stock arrives on two-weekly shipping cycle, so if your choice is not available at time of placing your order you will be allocated stock from next shipment.  We will keep you fully updated of stock availability and arrivals by email.
  • Certification - It is important that customers are aware of legislation in their particular country or state in respect to installing after-market LED lighting in a vehicle.  This can potentially affect vehicle certification, vehicle warranty, or transfer of ownership in some markets.  HID or LED headlamps may not be ADR/ECE/DOT/NZTA approved.  *NZ customers should be aware of changes to legislation mid-2018 which stipulate that a change in light source (e.g. LED) to headlamps may not pass WOF compliance.  Stang AutoParts can not be held responsible where installation of any lighting products do not meet legislation in a particular country or state.
  • International customers must ensure they have chosen the correct upgrade.  While we are happy to replace faulty bulbs, we cannot offer refunds on incorrect bulbs or where resistors may be needed due to CANbus errors, blinking or hyper-flashing.