Ranger PX2 XLT/Wildtrak LED Full Headlight Upgrades

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A common issue with Ford Ranger is the poor headlights and lack of light they project onto the road.  Our Ranger LED Headlight Upgrades will dramatically improve your low-beam and high-beam light throw, putting more light on the road where you need it.  Problem solved!

We offer three different Stages of LED replacement upgrades for your Ranger.  Depending on which you select, we provide LED replacements for your Low-Beam, High-Beam, Daytime Running Lights, Parker Lights, Fog Lights and Front Amber Indicators.  All of our LED replacements feature high-quality LED chips, robust metal design and are 100% error-free compatible with your headlamps.

Our kits are exported worldwide and are compatible for Ford Ranger PX2 XLT, Limited and Wildtrak models sold in United Kingdom, South Africa, Namibia, Philippines and New Zealand* markets. 

They are also suitable for Ford Everest models that feature the same H15 High-Beam/Daytime Running Lights.

Why choose our upgrades?  

  • We only use reputable brand Konik for reliability, quality and longevity
  • Our lights are safe-beam design so they improve your lighting without glaring oncoming drivers
  • Our bulbs are CANbus ready and very easy to install
  • Our lights are backed with factory Warranties
  • Hundreds of international sales & happy customers



Low-Beam H11 - our Konik LED conversions for Low-Beam H11 (dipped) feature 6000k Super White Light and 2000 lumens per bulb.  They are CANbus ready and will be up to 200% brighter than your factory globes and are backed with a 1-year standard driving manufacturer warranty.

High-Beam & Daytime Running Lights H15 - our dual-brightness Konik H15 LED's for Daytime Running Lights (15w) & High-Beam (55w) provide a 6000K super white light to match the Low-Beam.  They feature 2000 lumens per bulb, 30,000 hour lifespan, IP65 waterproofing, 18W, safe beam design for maximum visibility without glaring other road users, and are backed with a 1-year standard driving manufacturer warranty.

Front Parker (Positioning) Lights - we complete the upgrades with T10 W5W LED's for your headlamp Parker lights.  These provide much crisper 6000K white light to match your Low and High beams.

Front Amber Indicator Lights (Stage-2 only) - for those that want the works, we offer our Generation-3 Konik BAU15S T20 Intense Amber Front Indicators.  These have been specifically designed for Ranger with non-polarity, CANbus compatibility and super-bright 21W SMD LED's with an intense orange colour that fills out the reflector. 

*Are they CANbus ready?  Yes, all bulbs in our upgrade kits are CANbus compatible for the mentioned markets and will not interfere with the ECU of your Ranger *. 


We offer three levels of upgrade for Ranger.  Note that these upgrade kits are specific to Ranger PX2 XLT, Limited and Wildtrak (please see our alternative upgrades available for XL Ranger in other listings).

  • Stage-1 Kit: Low-Beam + High-Beam/DRL + Parker
  • Stage-2 Kit: Low-Beam + High-Beam/DRL + Parker + Fogs
  • Stage-3 Kit: Low-Beam + High-Beam/DRL + Parker + Fogs + Front Indicators



  • Our upgrade kits will fit XLT, Limited & Wildtrak models only and are specific to vehicles sold in the mentioned markets where retrofitting of LED lights is permissible.  XL models cannot fit these LED bulb kits behind the low-beam headlight cover.  Similar LED kits are available for XL & XLS models separately.
  • Minor modification needed on Ranger H15 connector - small plastic nub needs sanding off to ensure good fit (details provided with kit)
  • Installation Instructions are provided with your kit
  • * Note that these LED's are not CANbus ready for all markets.  Although we are confident for the above mentioned markets that they will not affect the CANbus system, for other markets you may require Resistors to be attached.
  • If unsure on installation we recommend consulting your Owner's Manual or fitment by a qualified dealer or Auto Electrician.
  • Please remember to adjust your Headlights inside the cabin to get maximum penetration.
  • Product Warranties: Konik 1 year standard driving 



  • Stock sells out fast.  Supply arrives on two-weekly shipping cycle, so if your choice is not available at time of placing your order you will be allocated stock from next shipment.  We will keep you fully updated of stock availability and arrivals by email.
  • Certification - It is important that customers are aware of legislation in their particular country or state in respect to installing after-market LED lighting in a vehicle.  This can potentially affect vehicle certification, vehicle warranty, or transfer of ownership in some markets.  HID or LED headlamps may not be ADR/ECE/DOT/NZTA approved.  *NZ customers should be aware of changes to legislation mid-2018 which stipulate that a change in light source (e.g. LED) to headlamps may not pass WOF compliance.  Stang AutoParts can not be held responsible where installation of any lighting products do not meet legislation in a particular country or state.
  • International customers must ensure they have chosen the correct upgrade.  While we are happy to replace faulty bulbs, we cannot offer refunds on incorrect bulbs or where resistors may be needed due to CANbus errors, blinking or hyper-flashing.