Ranger PX1 PX2 PX3 2011-19 LED Reverse Lights

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Is your Ranger suffering from poor reverse light visibility?  Add some real intense brightness to your Ranger with our intense 6000k Pure White LED Reverse Lights.

Perfect for owner's who tow boats or caravans and need more light when reversing - see and be seen!

These bulbs are suitable for PX1 and PX2 Ranger.


  • 1 Pair of Konik Ultra Bright White T20 W21W Reverse LED's
  • 6000k White Light CREE CANbus Multi-Directional LED Bulbs
  • A/C Non-polarised, works both directions, 12V
  • CANbus Free, no resistors needed
  • Suits PX1 and PX2 Ranger Models
  • 100% Street Legal in NZ
  • Plug & Play Technology
  • Suitable for standard Wellside utility, not cab & chassis model.
  • Easy fitting using your Owner's Manual Bulb Replacement info
  • 6 Month Warranty



  • Bulbs are remove and replace technology.  No wiring, cutting or modification is needed.
  • Guaranteed CANbus compatible for NZ, UK, SA and Australia models.
  • Bulbs are Polarised (+/-) so if you install and they aren't working, simply flip around the bulb to get the correct polarity.
  • Please consult your Owner's Manual for bulb replacement.
  • If unsure, we recommend professional installation.
  • Stock arrives on two-weekly shipping cycle, so if your choice is not available at time of placing your order you will be allocated stock from next shipment.  We will keep you fully updated of stock availability and arrivals by email.