Ranger PX1 PX2 PX3 2011-19 LED Interior Upgrade

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You no longer have to put up with dull yellowish interior lighting when you hop into your Ranger.  

Our LED upgrade will give your interior lighting the premium look of clean bright white light that your Ranger deserves and improve your interior lighting by up to 200%.

We only use the best LED bulbs from Philips and Konik for longevity and durability. 


  • replaces Reading Lights (2) with Philips W5W White LED's
  • replaces Central Light (1) with Konik W5W White LED
  • replaces Front Cabin Light (1) with Konik LED Festoon Bulb
  • Simple Plug & Play technology so you can do it at home
  • Maintains Light Fade function when doors open & close
  • Suits Ranger PX1, PX2 and PX3 models
  • Warranties: Konik 6 Months, Philips 12 Months



    • All bulbs are remove and replace technology.  No wiring or modification is needed.
    • We do not replace Vanity Mirror Lights as they are sealed inside the Sun Shades.
    • Please consult your Owner's Manual for bulb replacement.  Some bulbs are more difficult to access than others, and some may require tools to turn and safely remove from their housing.


    These items may not always be in stock at time of order.  Stock arrives on two-weekly shipping cycle, so if your choice is not available at time of placing your order you will be allocated stock from next shipment.  We will keep you fully updated of stock availability and arrivals by email.