Levorg 2015+ DRL & Fog LED Upgrade

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Subaru Levorg comes from the factory with pale yellowish halogen bulbs that don't match the super white light of the boomerang low-beam LED's.  This kit provides the essential front-end LED's to not only compliment the factory boomerang LED's, but provide cleaner and crisper LED light with much longer lifespan than the factory halogen bulbs.

Our DRL and Fog Light upgrade provides long-life LED replacement from Konik featuring 6000k super white light.  This upgrade will not only give you improved lighting but also a more premium look to the vehicle that it deserves.

All bulbs are CANbus ready so they will not interfere with warning lights or hyper-flashing, and they use less power, generate less heat, are brighter and last longer than conventional bulbs. 

All LED's are simple plug and play technology and can be self-installed using your Owner's Manual or you can choose a professional installer if preferred. 



  • replaces Daytime Running Lights P13W with Konik White LED's
  • replaces Fog Lights H8 with Konik White LED's
  • Longer lasting, lower power usage and less heat output than factory bulbs
  • Reputable and reliable Konik brand
  • CANbus ready so no need for resistors for hyper-flashing or warning lights
  • Simple Plug & Play Technology - no wiring, no modification needed
  • Upgrade kit suits Australian / UK / European / NZ Levorg models
  • 6 Month Warranty
  • Easy to Install or you can use a Professional Installer


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