VW Amarok 2010+ White Halogen Headlight & Fog Upgrade

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This Headlight & Fog Light Upgrade for Volkswagen Amarok replaces the dull yellowish factory bulbs in the headlight cluster and Fog lights with Super-White Halogen Light for cleaner and crisper vision.

We replace the H7 Low-Beam and HB4 Fog Lights with Philips Crystal Vision (the best Halogens on the market) and the H15 High-Beam/Daytime Running Lights with Premium Long-Life Dual-Filament Konik Super-White Halogens.

This Amarok upgrade is designed to give better light output than the factory globes, resulting in a much sharper and cleaner white light for night driving.  And you will now have Super-White DRL's during daytime driving, giving the Amarok the premium look it deserves.

Note - if you are looking for LED Headlights, please refer to our listing for VW Amarok LED Headlights.


  • replaces H15 High Beam & Daytime Running Lights (DRL) with Super-White Dual-Filament Konik Long-Life 4750K Halogen
  • replaces H7 Low Beam with Super-White Philips Crystal Vision 4300K Halogen
  • replaces HB4 Fog Lights with Super-White Philips Crystal Vision 4300K Halogen
  • Simple Plug & Play replacement bulbs using your Owner's Manual
  • Cleaner, Crisper White Light for Night Driving
  • Super-White Daytime Running Lights for premium look
  • Best quality, long-life bulbs
  • GENUINE Philips & Konik Lighting products



  • All bulbs are simple remove and replace technology.  No wiring, cutting or modification is needed.
  • Please consult your Owner's Manual for bulb replacement. 
  • Not suitable for V6 Amarok



    When installing any Halogen globes, please ensure you do not touch the glass globe as oil residue from fingers can heat up during operation and rupture the bulb.

    Depending on stock at time of order, these sets may have to be ordered from our distributor so delivery may be 5-7 working days.